Blake Lively Talks Life With Three Daughters – ‘We’re Outnumbered’ – Perez Hilton

Blake Lively Talks Life With Three Daughters – ‘We’re Outnumbered’ – Perez Hilton

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Life is anything but easy for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds!

As you’re likely aware, the good-looking pair have three daughters together, though they have been

Obviously, the conversation pivoted toward her home life during the chat, which is when the Gossip Girl alum shared after welcoming her third daughter in 2019, things understandably got more chaotic at home:

“At one point, we had three [kids aged] 4 and under.”

The couple’s eldest daughter James turned 5 in December, and their middle daughter Inez turned 3 a few months earlier. GMA co-host Michael Strahan — who has four children of his own — asked how things are going juggling careers and three kids, to which Blake replied:

“It’s like going from two to 3,000. [We] have so many children. It’s pretty [crazy]. We’re outnumbered. It’s a lot. People say that from two to three, it’s the same, it’s kind of easy. Those people do not have three kids. It is crazy. But I’m here!”

Something even crazier is that the momma of three did all her own stunts for the thriller flick! Sharing with Michael, Lara Spencer, and Robin Roberts, Lively added:

“There’s one-shot fight sequences, which is how I shattered my hand. We shut down for six months. My hand basically turned into, like, feta cheese.”

The Teen Choice Award winner continued:

“I was lunging toward Jude Law with my fake rubber knife and my hand collided with his elbow. I broke some things and dislocated some things and severed a ligament. It was pretty intense.”


Though the couple are both actors, they stay away from the spotlight and want the same for their girls. However, it seems their 5-year-old has caught the acting bug! Ryan chatted with Jimmy Fallon in December about how he hopes to push her away from the limelight:

“She wants to be an actor, yup. I tried to—I explained to her, I was like, ‘Look, you know, that’s huge burden on your nervous system. I mean, having to, you know, having to process all of that attention and information. Or else, you develop all of these unhealthy coping mechanisms…’ And she just, like, looked at me like she didn’t know what the f**k I was talking about.”

Ch-ch-check out more from Blake (below):

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