Bill Hader becomes Tom Cruise in this viral deepfake

Bill Hader becomes Tom Cruise in this viral deepfake

August 16, 2019 Off By WhoThatCelebsRS

A new deepfake that shows comedian Bill Hader transforming into Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise is going viral online.

The video, developed by deepfake creator Ctrl Shift Face, is closing in on nearly 3 million views on YouTube alone.

The clip centers around Haders 2008 interview ontheLate Show With David Letterman, in which the comedian describes meeting Cruise prior to the filming ofaction comedy film Tropic Thunder.

Hader, who is also known for his incredible celebrity impressions, recalls the meeting while mimicking theTop Gun star. Yet as Hader begins his impression, his face suddenly morphs into Cruises thanks to software that utilizes artificial intelligence.

But thats not the only transformation. Hader also momentarily becomes fellow actor and friend Seth Rogan, anacquaintance of Cruises as well.

Aside from YouTube, the video has gone viral on a range of social media platforms including Twitter.

The video is not the first deepfake to take advantage of Haders skills as an impressionist. Ctrl Shift Face racked up more than 3.6 million views in May after releasing footage of Hader becoming Hollywood icon Al Pacino during a 2005 appearance on Conan OBriens late night show.

Just days prior that same month, Ctrl Shift Face garnered nearly 8 million views on YouTube after releasing a deepfake in which Hader becomes action starArnold Schwarzenegger.

Ctrl Shift Face explained to the Daily Dot at the time how the video, his first ever to be released on YouTube, came about.

Im a fan of Bill Hader. I was annoyed that most [safe for work] deepfakes out there were either superhero movies, which I hate, or always Trump, Nicolas Cage or other random celebrities,Ctrl Shift Face said. So I came up with an idea of impression deepfakes.

Since then, Ctrl Shift face has been responsible for some of the most viral deepfakes online.

Just last month, the deepfake artist recreated numerous scenes from the 1980s horror film The Shining by replacing actor Jack Nicholson with comedian Jim Carrey.

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